August 14, 2013

Trying to get Organised -

Struggling to find that 'sweet spot' in my work environment often sets the tone for how I handle a project.  Like so many others I do not have the luxury of a dedicated place where I can work on separate hobbies that are in fact poles apart in their needs.

Quilting creates an enormous about of clutter, loose threads and fluff - so it needs to be kept well away from my Cake Decorating which requires a clean work surface and NO FLUFF which can find it's way onto and into the icing I am working with.
(It also does not help when our beautiful cat Spike .... is moulting ... again....)

When I spied this clever piece of equipment in the local Art Supply Store (Riot) I could see so many of my organisational issues disappear into one neat little package.

So armed with this new 'tool for the job'* and a couple of awesome reference books, I have set up in the front sitting room, far away from the quilting - but not the cat - and I think I can say,
"at least it LOOKS like I am organised" ..
I have now the task before me, to make the Flowers to go on DD's Wedding Cake. And while I am at it I also need to make some for DS#1 as his wedding is less than 2 months after his sister's and then remember that I wanted to do something special for my Parent's 60th (That's Diamond) Wedding Anniversary at the end of this month and before I pack it all up I also need to keep in mind I had promised to make the Wedding Cake for DS#2's friends from Uni - well at least that isn't until April or was it March?!

Then, (Gasp) maybe then, I will be able to take a breath,
and the question will be....
What was I doing with that quilt?

Footnote: Since writing this post - I have been advised by DS#1 that he is having a new Clarinet Student coming tomorrow for a lesson ..... so now I have to move it all - back into the kitchen!

* "Tool for the Job" - my Father's favourite saying to justify buying a specific usually expensive specialist gadget.
"When you have a job to do you buy the 'tool for the job' - makes life easier!"


  1. Love it!! you are going to be so busy!! I love seeing your cakes when you do them hope to see plenty of pictures as you put everything together !

  2. Oh Wendy you do have your work cut out for you but I just know that the cakes and the roses will be made to perfection. I always love to see your work. I enjoy your artistic talents.
    Hugs Bunny