1 August 2013

Metallic Thread and Me - -

I really love the look of metallic thread - the way it sparkles and shines when the light catches it. It is just beautiful, and the extra Pizazz it adds to a project is priceless.
BUT - even though I have a very good sewing machine and all the enthusiasm needed - sewing with Metallic Thread has alluded me.
It just wound off the spindle and ended up a tangled mess.

I tried all the suggestions that worked for other people and even concocted a contraption of my own involving a stationery spike and a lot of rubber bands. It worked - for  a while.
Then I happened upon a post that sent me to a link that offered a solution for "Just $19.95 plus postage".  I declared that was a lot of money for what looked like a bent paperclip.

While I was studying the image before me, I came to the realisation that the solution to my problem was sitting proudly in plain sight!

I actually had everything I needed to encourage that thread off the cone the correct way  -
in my machine's tool kit!
All I had to do was to lower the thread guide arm 45 deg and shove the thread cap onto the spindle, then continue threading the machine as normal.

Why wasn't this in the instruction manual?

Works like a dream, and I was thrilled with the result - So thrilled in fact that I even ventured to try another Nemesis of mine ...
- Free Motion Quilting!


  1. Isn't it annoying when you struggle with something only to find out the answer was right there!! They need to put better instructions in the manuals!!!

  2. Wow, ingenius and yet so simple. Thanks for sharing. Will try it as soon as my order of metallics come in.

  3. Oh wow! Another thing I now know I can ask your advice on in the future ;)

  4. Good for you another thing you can do is get some thread conditioner. Not sure what company you could get but I use one called tri flo. A little on the spool and a little on the needle.
    Hugs Bunny