February 27, 2014

What am I doing at the moment?

Bali Wedding Star - Units A & B are completed and nicely packed back in their bags waiting to be trimmed to size.

I am not 100% sure of the colour selection for the Bali Pops pack I chose.
It all looks good when you are only seeing a very small piece of each fabric - until you open the packs and discover there are some very weird patterns included, and not all of them are Batiks!

At this point I am happy to continue and am intrigued as to how it is going to look with it's stormy Grey/Blues and Mauves and Aquas. - Well, I DID ask for Ocean colours!!

In the meantime - I am wondering do I 'take a break'
OR do I go on with something else?

Take a break - yeah right!!!
Seeing I am in the mood for Foundation Paper Piecing, what better "Something Else" is to get my JINNY BEYER - Crystal Star out of the box and under the machine!

I thought I'd made a start on this last year - but - I have just checked back through my Blog Posts and discovered it was EXACTLY 2 years ago ...
It was nice to open the box and find 90% of the project all cut out and more than adequately labelled.
A cup of tea later, and I was reacquainted with where I was - and ready to sew.

I have decided to work on this as a distraction or a 'fill in' between projects or when I just need to do something else.
As the sections are self contained it is possible just to pick it up and put down anytime.

How far do I get this time? - - - Only time will tell!


  1. Don't worry. Everything will blend. Stand across the room. If it still sucks, pull out the seam ripper. Simple plan.

  2. I really like the Crystal Star pattern. It will be fun to watch it progress.