10 March 2014

Bali Wedding Star - The Next Step

It was good to catch up with my new friends at the NSLQS (Not-so-local quilt store) and be given some pointers for the next Section of my Bali Wedding Star. It is not a class as such but a place where you can go and learn the finer points of Foundation Piecing. We just happen to be working on several of Judy Niemeyer's Quilt designs.

Now if there is a "Tool for the Job" it is usually worth getting one and I was fortunate to be lent the set of Perspex Templates for this quilt by one of the other ladies who has finished with hers for the time being ...

Oh WOW how much easier it was to trim the arcs to shape and also cut the Melon sections apart from my background fabric!
I am not working from a Kit so I still need to choose the colours that will make up the cornerstones that join the rings. And I will need to be patient and not sew them on yet - this is done much later in the process.

So this week I think I have everything prepped and ready to start chain piecing the 'Stars' together.

I overheard this comment to a new student...
"Yes it is a LOT of preparation, but when you get to sew - it is plain sailing."  Oh - I do hope so!

In the meantime - I am getting a little distracted by the sight of all those offcuts! My heart skipped a beat when I spied some especially beautiful and very usable ones heading for the bin the other day (I wanted to dive in after them!).
I am trying VERY HARD to resist the temptation of starting another Applique Quilt to use them all.
Or heaven forbid - I found myself researching Crumb Quilts the other day!!!!

Quilting is not a cheap hobby (especially in Australia, where fabrics often cost TWICE what they do in the US) so before you throw them out .... Don't forget that those offcuts/scraps have cost you the same amount as the fabrics you have used in your quilt!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 

If anyone would like to ask specific questions about my adventure with this quilt - email me privately via the "Contact Me" link on my profile.
Alternatively Quiltworks have placed many excellent explanatory videos on Utube - Just Google "Bali Wedding Quilt" and hit Videos


  1. I think expensive fabrics are have the reason why I was so happy to get the templates for 3/4 inch paper-piecing to someday make a quilt from!

    Just need to work out what I want to do with the fabrics I have...and of course, I never believe that I have enough fabrics for a full quilt in colours that will work together yet! ;)

    Dare I ask what a crumb quilt is? Or is it a level of quilter insanity I should not yet venture into?

  2. I googled crumb quilts and I have to say: "Don't do it, Wendy! There lies the path to madness!" >_<