May 6, 2014

Black and White with a touch of Bling

This weekend has seen me enjoying the company of fellow Cake Decorators at the CDAV bi-annual Seminar.
I have never been to a seminar before but seeing this year it was held in my own suburb - I thought I had better attend!

So many wonderful creations were on display - all elegantly decorated in very formal
Black & White with Sparkle.
This is the Associations Show Piece that met us in the foyer of the venue.

After 2 1/2 days of demonstrations, hints tips and ideas I was pretty much suffering from "Information overload".

We learnt everything from the finer details of airbrushing and flexible lace icing to creating Sassy Little Girls to adorn a birthday Cake.

We watched as incredible Cake Toppers were made with modeling chocolate.
And were entertained with stories from the humorous side of travelling Cake Decorators, while being instructed in the more delicate and traditional Flower construction of Orchids.
(Who would have thought a kilo pack of Fondant icing would concern airline security?)

Having been asked to make another Wedding Cake for the end of the year I was certainly taking as many notes as I could!
I am looking forward to having a play with all the new techniques I have learnt.

Did I have fun? - Oh yes!
Am I tired?? - You bet!!!

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  1. Oh wow! Can't wait to see your next cake creations!