October 30, 2014

Bali Wedding Star - What next

"How is your beautiful Wedding Star Quilt coming along?"

That question sent me into a mild panic as I realised that time was slipping by and my DD's Wedding Anniversary was rapidly approaching.  

The Quilt was nowhere near finished!

First I had to find it!
Where did I put it?
Which box is it in??

Then work out where I was up to on the pattern. I knew I had been making good progress before I put it down (to do other more urgent things).  I was met with a box full of finished blocks, unfinished blocks and a whole heap of blocks that were pinned ready to sew.... 

A little bit of time to myself and the company of Cathy Miller singing "It ain't finished yet" gave me the motivation I needed to get working.

That box of unfinished blocks are now all done, pressed and the setting triangles cut.

And now the FUN starts - 
Putting it all together with nothing more than
 "Refer to illustration 6 page 21
to guide me!

I wonder if Cathy has anymore inspirational songs that will help me get this to the Quilter and back before November 22!

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