February 23, 2015

Bali Wedding Star - The Binding

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step"

or in this case a single stitch

I shudder to think just how many miles of stitching has gone into making this quilt.

My Bali Wedding Star has now been beautifully quilted by Desley, and
 I have finally laid it onto my machine for the last time.
 A very careful hour later the binding had been sewn all around.

Before I started I did some research and found a tutorial
(from the Missouri Quilt Company) that suggested taking the machine off on an angle at each corner - rather than stopping 1/4" short or sewing straight off.....

Wow - what a difference that made!
The stitching created a firm 45 degree angle to fold the binding against.
I have never had corners so neat.

All that is left to do is hand stitch the binding and remember a label.
- And a photo -


  1. Looking forward to a picture of the whole thing. What I can see looks wonderful!

  2. Oh yes! You have to share with us a photo of the fully finished quilt! How extraordinary. Thanks for sharing that binding trick - I've always wanted to know how to get corners looking so neat and professional!

  3. Beautiful I always love sitting doing the binding by hand. Must go check out that tutorial.