February 4, 2016

A Christmas Gift

One Christmas gift I received this year definitely came with 'Some assembly required'.
It was a batch of cookies - in a bottle!

It was so pretty I didn't want to open it - but that was not the point of the gift.

And I was determined not to let it go stale in the pantry.

All I had to do was toss it into a bowl, add some melted butter and an egg - stir and place 12 spoons-full onto a cookie tray then bake.

Very generous sized cookies if it only made 12!!

The first time I saw something like this was at the Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory when we visited in August - I thought they were awesome!
I have since discovered many recipes on line for this wonderful gift.
(Just search for "Cookies in a Jar").


  1. What a fabulous gift idea, haven't seen it here but then I try not to eat too many cookies, Hugs Jenny

  2. Yikes, I want to know what dinner plate they were using to make only 12 cookies out of that jar! Looks yummy ^_^