24 February 2016

I shot down a UFO . . .

UFO #2
Jinny Beyer's FACETS Quilt

I pulled it out of the UFO drawer yesterday to see what needed to be done to this small quilt -

I have obviously made a start and have completed one set of diamonds.

Just need to start to cross-cut the next set and ...
Oh my!
A little moment of distraction and my strips were cut 2 1/4" instead of the required 2 1/2"

Just as well I had lots of fabric left over and I can cut some more.

Well - I would have cut some more...
It seems someone else had other ideas!

Once I was able to move 'His Lordship' off the cutting mat, the quilt went together very easily.

I started putting the blocks together this morning and was happily attaching the borders this afternoon!

Now all I need to do is QUILT IT!


  1. Looks Beautiful Wendy, love your fabrics. these patterns are so much fun to make. Hugs Jenny