3 March 2016

Time to Tame those Scraps . . .

It doesn't happen very often (only once in 4 years) but this week I got an extra day in my week!  Decisions.. decisions... what will I do with all that time?

Take a great big LEAP into that Scrap box!

In the grand scheme of things my Fabric Scrap Stash isn't that big - but it still needed some decisions to be made and some sorting out.

For Quilters, scraps are sorted into usable pieces - things you can make another block from - That is the easy part.

But what happens when you dabble in Appliqué?

I decided to set a benchmark -

If I could wrap the fabric around a 5 cent coin it would make a sweet 2 cm (3/4") circle, dot or flower centre.
So it can stay!

These bits were also quite big enough for one of the La Passacaglia pieces....

And the strips?

If a strip off cut would fit the smallest bias tape maker in my set (that's about 1/2") ...

It too can stay.

There you have it - decisions made and just how much "Usable Fabric" did I salvage from that box of Batik scraps?
I have done the maths ....

770 gm of Fabric lengths
1 meter fabric (16 Jelly Roll pieces) = 125 grams
My scraps weighed 770 grams
that equals a staggering 6.2 meters of fabric or 24 fat Quarters or 2 1/2 Jelly Rolls!
At a conservative $4:00 per fat 1/4 that works out at .......
$ 96.00 worth of fabric that was heading for the bin!

I shudder to think what my Robert Kaufman scraps are worth... but I shall leave them for another day!


  1. Interesting calculation! I guess now the challenge is to use those scraps.

  2. Thanks. I now feel less crazy saving every crumb.