11 March 2016

Another UFO bites the dust ...

Jinny Beyer's Crystal Star was started so long ago I can barely remember buying the kit.
I have plodded along with this, often a distraction from what I was meant to be doing - making mistakes along the way until finally finishing the centre May last year.

Jinny Beyer - Crystal Star
150 Colours
The borders proved to be a challenge. 
Firstly, the fabric chosen when I bought the Kit didn't compliment my recently painted sewing room, requiring new fabric to be found.  

Then, even though I followed the instructions to the letter - they were too short! 

What a relief to discover that my mitred borders (the black ones in the photo) were not exactly 45 degrees and once they were unpicked and re-sewn the feature border fitted.

I can't say that my heart has been with this quilt towards the end, so I am happy that it is finished and can be folded and put away for now.  Once it is quilted I will decide whether to hang it above my cutting table or throw it over an armchair.


  1. Looks fabulous Wendy, glad you found the reason why the outer border wouldn't fit. Jinny's patterns are such a learning curve as precision is everything, making some of them has improved my piecing so much, Hugs Jenny

  2. It's so beautiful! I love the colours.