February 12, 2016

Oh Blah . . . . .

Southern Cross Quilters have been chatting about clearing out UFOs recently  - so I decided it was time I took a look at just how many I have.

I try and keep my projects moving along, and I don't THINK I have that many..... So let's have a look at them - in no particular order to see just WHY they are officially a UFO.

UFO #1

Yoshiko's Garden by Kona Bay
Sometime early last year, I thought I would run up a quick quilt.
Found some pretty fabric in my stash and downloaded a pattern from one of those companies that give out free patterns to showcase a range of fabric.

I worked on it for a bit, but something wasn't quite right with the design. I couldn't put my finger on the problem so it was neatly packed up and put on the shelf.

Almost a year later it comes out to be stared at intently once again -
I like the colours - I used Jinny Beyer's Colour Palette to choose them.  Not too thrilled about the quality of the Tone on Tone, it has a bit too much stretch for my liking.
But that wasn't enough to keep it in the UFO box.

Then I realised it was the pattern itself!
Beautiful big framed Snowball blocks to showcase a pretty large print fabric in the centre of the quilt that were chopped off at the edges!
The lattice that the Tone on Tone created had nowhere to go!!

I know what to do ..
I can fix it
I can finish this UFO
I   ... don't have enough (pink) fabric......

Back on the UFO shelf it goes!

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