29 March 2012

Oh Look - It's my Anniversary.....

This time last year I sat at my laptop in fear and trepidation and wrote my first Blog Post.  And I worried about what would happen when I pressed that POST button on the bottom of the page.

12 months later and I have shared much more than a tip or two.  I have let you look through a small window into my life here in the place I call home - Melbourne, Australia.

So, Thanks for dropping in on my ramblings over the past year.  Some of you have become faithful 'followers' some have grown to be friends, some just lurk in the background and enjoy what ever it is that brings you back.  I certainly hope it is my quirky sense of humour or is it that you just don't quite know what I will come up with next!!!

'Til next time, keep smiling. Cheers Wendy

1 comment:

  1. Hi Wendy I have been one of the followers and have enjoyed your friendship. Today I pass on the Liebster Blog Award to you??? See my site for more information. Cheers Glenda