19 December 2014

The Colours of Christmas

Recently, the question was asked "What Christmas Colour are YOU?"
Many of the replies were Red, Red & Green, Red & White, Red & Silver ....
My answer?

and Green.

The Jacaranda Trees are magnificent this year - and when I see them starting to show their Purple blooms
I start to hum "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas".

And of course no Christmas would be complete without the show-off of the season - The Agapanthus!

A quick trip around the garden with my camera
 revealed lots more Purple and Green -

The everlasting "Statice"
which symbolises Remembrance.

Catmint -
haven't met a cat that likes it yet!

and even the Lavender decided to put in an appearance!

So - these are MY Christmas colours.

What are yours?

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you Wendy, love purple this time of year. We have the most beautiful Jacaranda on the street verge opposite us and this year it was magnificent in it's flowering and viewing it from the lounge, everyday I feel happy. We have Agi's as well and I just love their blooms.
    Cheer's Jenny