25 June 2015

Playing with my 'new' toy ...

Well, it is hardly "New" as I was encouraged most emphatically by my DH to buy it last June!

This "tool for a job" has come into it's own already - helping DS#2 with a University project, but this week I have been putting it through it's paces to
1. Learn how to use it properly and
2. See if it will REALLY cut down the workload for an applique quilt I am about to start.

The Quilt in question is "Istanbul" by Tamsin Harvey.
It will be my first ever Raw-edge applique quilt
AND - as it is a Wedding Quilt - I have to make it carefully and also bigger!

So a LOT of fiddly cutting is ahead of me ... unless this works!

I found it to be more accurate if I copied the original pattern - cut it apart (lots of copies) and removed connecting lines with some good old fashioned Tippex.
OK that dates me - Whiteout, Correction Fluid, Liquid paper - whatever!
Making sure it was TOTALLY dry before putting it through the scanner.

A few tweaks later and I had an Image that drew out beautifully.
(See green drawing on the right of the photo).

Checking the image against the original using a lightbox - looks pretty good!

Now to see whether it will cut out as nicely as it drew!

Retrieve the image from the 'files' section.

Load up the fabric,
press "Cut",
and sit back and watch!

The result?
Not bad at all!

I can now 'copy and paste' the required number of blooms and cut them out in no time at all!

It took a bit of time playing with the machine but it was worth it.
- oh and 'Thought for the day' - if you have one of these machines....
Check the Brother site for any program updates BEFORE you start working on a big project!

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