22 July 2015

Carnations ....

These Carnations are "doing my head in"!

I thought I had them down pat with the awesome cutting out function of the Scan-n-cut but I didn't like the way my sewing machine does buttonhole stitch. And to be quite honest - it didn't look good enough for a Wedding gift they have waited 2 years for.

I decided that needle turn would look nicer.
So I started practising needle turning all those itsy-bitsy little scallops that make up the petals of the flower.

Don't like the look of that!

OK how about doing the elements individually?

It will be a lot of extra work and look good - but will it look like a Carnation or more like a Daisy?

Next idea - redesign the petals into a 'zig-zag' - will this work?

I have used so much of my flower fabric doing samples I may need to buy more, and I don't want to get bored with it before I even get started. I just HAVE to decide on something and get on with it.

My sampler is now thrown across the back of the chair in the corner waiting for inspiration to hit again - maybe I will see what I need at the Craft and Quilt Show tomorrow.

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