13 August 2015

Road Trip - Phillip Island

Melbourne may not have put on a fantastic day today weather wise, but we only have a couple of days to fit in some road trips.

Deciding to brave the cold and potential rain we headed for Phillip Island.

We started at the Koala Conservation Park where this little lass was enjoying breakfast, watched Sheep shearing and Whip cracking at Churchill Island...
'blew out the cobwebs' with the surf rolling in at The Nobbies, and ended the day by sitting on the beach watching Fairy Penguins come ashore.

And rounding off a perfect day - we pulled in on the way home - away from all the city lights and just looked up into the clear night sky at the majesty of a 'billion' stars.

1 comment:

  1. No photos of the stars? :)
    I don't know that I've ever been down to Phillip Island, or if I have been then I was too young to remember it. It looks like great fun! Might have to try for a visit once the weather's nicer. :)