20 April 2016

I have been to the Quilt Show ...

Australian Quilt Convention time again and I happily take the 'scenic route' to the main entrance of the Royal Exhibition Centre.

I love these buildings and the historic gardens that surround them, and find the walk through the gardens, past piles of Autumn leaves, in the early morning refreshing.

For those who are reading from outside of Melbourne Australia, these buildings were opened in 1880 for the Melbourne World Fair.

In 1888, Electric lighting was installed for the Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition making Melbourne the first city in the world to offer night time exhibition viewings.

The Exhibition building is the only 19th Century Great Hall to survive (largely intact), still in its original Landscape setting and still used as an exhibition venue.

Last month it hosted the International Garden and Flower show.
Next will be a Tattoo Convention and Arts Festival, Dog Show, an Antiques Fair, Food and Wine Show before holding the Melbourne University mid-year Exams - Quite a busy schedule!

I often wonder just how many people from different walks of life and interests that flock to its many exhibitions take the time to STOP and just look up!
And what treasures did I come home with?

Leesa Chandler's new fabric range - Melba.
Inspired by our very own Exhibition Buildings!!


  1. I loved the "Melba" fabrics too. But didn't buy anything as I am trying to only buy for specific projects now.

    Did you enjoy the quilts?

  2. Our Exhibtion Buildings was also the setting for the First Parliament of Australia in 1901.