25 August 2016

Cupcakes for RSPCA day

After last week's Retirement cake, I thought I really should find a solution to my fear of writing on cakes.

I have been using my Brother Scan-n-cut to make Applique for my 'Istanbul' Quilt and recalled that I had also considered using it to make Stencils for Cake decorating.
So when I heard that DH's office was having "Cupcake Day" I thought it a good time to have a practice at Stencilling!

I found some acetate sheets that were originally for an old overhead projector (which still works by the way!) and downloaded a clipart stencil of something I thought would be appropriate.  It took a bit of tweaking but finally I cut out a perfect stencil.

Using leftover Icing to make small cupcake size plaques - I was good to go, and in no time at all I had a dozen 'Purrfect' cake toppers.

Just one small problem -
I discovered much later that DH's office was not raising funds for the RSPCA....

I wonder if there are any Black and Ginger cats in Indigenous literature?

Never  mind whatever the fundraising was for - they got Cupcakes to auction off and I got to practice making stencils!
I call that a WIN-WIN!!

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  1. That's funny! The cakes look great, but I hope no-one spent too long wondering how they tied into the theme.