19 October 2016

I've been a bit busy ...

Where on earth has the last month gone?

I could say that I have been 'blissfully sewing' but that would be fibbing!
The last month's sewing has been far from blissful.

I have been working on finishing DS#1's Wedding Quilt.

The original pattern, has now been enlarged from a wall quilt to fit their Queen size bed.

There has been a lot more applique,

(I think I may now be officially 'over' hand buttonhole applique!)

There have been mistakes
and mis-cuts
and plenty of un-sewing
and yes the occasional tantrum.

But my borders are now on and DS#1's Wedding Quilt is booked in to be custom quilted -

And THEN I will show you the finished result.

AND - just because this quilt will not be for sleeping under....

I have also been working on their "everyday" quilt.

20 of these done -
just another 10 to go

and then I can start on the alternate blocks!


  1. Ooh, what a tantalizing glimpse you've given us with that shot of the gorgeous applique border! I can't wait to see the whole thing once it comes back from the quilter!

  2. The wedding quilt looks like another very beautiful quilt! Looking forward to seeing it when it's quilted. Allietare is looking good, too.

  3. very lovely quilts - is that allietare?

  4. The everyday quilt i have given first, the special one, they want to design themselves, so while I wait for the design, i carry on working on all my other wild.