30 August 2017

"I never knew just what it was - and I guess I never will"

Yesterday was my Parent's Wedding Anniversary.
They would have been married 64 years.

I normally take Mum out for lunch as Dad always forgot - so there was no reason to not continue the tradition just because Dad is no longer with us.

I would have liked to have taken her for High Tea somewhere but she was insisting on just a Toasted Sandwich and Coffee.

I have long since learnt not to argue with my Mother - so Toasted Sandwich it was ...

We started the day by taking him flowers and ended it at an Op Shop.

I really don't enjoy going to Opportunity Shops but occasionally you find something - Interesting...

Like THIS!

Any ideas?
I am open for suggestion.

With no holes in the sole-plate, I don't think it was a Steam Iron.
I think it may be an oil or spirit heated Iron.

But at $65 I think I will leave it there for a serious collector!


  1. That's lovely. I recently bought one for my sister. She has a new house with a new sewing room all in turquoise and that's the color mine was. I was told it was a butane powered iron. Mine doesn't have the fancy canister on the back. https://www.kovels.com/collectors-concerns/coleman-gasoline-iron.html

  2. Hi Wendy,
    How nice that you able able to still enjoy your Mum and take her to lunch. Enjoy! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. It's a spirit iron. Here's a few details about how they worked: https://open.abc.net.au/explore/66458

    Must have been an unusual op shop to be expecting to get $65 for that!

  4. Hi Wendy, So glad you went out with your mum and I'm sure she enjoyed that toasted sandwich more than high tea in cold Melbourne. That meths iron would have made a great patchwork press LOL I have one with out the meths container and it is great for holding material in place. Cheers Glenda