June 22, 2011

My Patch Collection

I collect souvenir sew-on  fabric  patches.
It has become a bit of a ritual that anywhere we go - if there is a local information centre we will call in and check out the patches.  Not all towns have them, so unfortunately they do not find a place in my Quilt.

Each patch has a block and the idea is to do a quilt as you go style hexagon quilt.  
I pull it out occasionally and try to work out the best route to take - 
Do I do rows starting with the oldest patches in the top  corner - OR do I spiral them around adding more and more ???? 

The rate I am going it will be big enough to cover the CAR.

And then there are the patches others have brought back for me.....

And I have enough patches from our South Australian Adventure to fill a book.   

Maybe they will need their own quilt.

Either way......the patches are multiplying -- 
and the quilt is and always will be a WIP.


  1. Hi Wendy, What a fabulous WIP. It will make for a wonderful memory quilt. I'd do the paper bag method and start piecing as they come out to you. What fun it will be. Happy Stitching. Chris

  2. I really love this idea! and such a great way to use up those badges too. A great memory quilt to always be adding to

  3. I really love this idea, what a great memory quilt to always be adding to! It reminds me of my DD's Girl Guding blankets, but I do like the hex idea so much more

  4. my girls are Girl Scouts and it seems wee always run out of room on the uniforms for patches, so we started sewing the ones that won't fit onto a fleece lap size blankie. They use them in the car on trips, in front of the tv, etc. We love patches too!