June 29, 2011

Peace Quilt

Recently I participated in a challenge to work on or finish a UFO.
The brief was that it was not to have been worked on for more that 6 months.

Being a little 'caught up' in a certain Mystery Quilt - a challenge in itself.... I decided to document all my UFOs and WIPs and Phds.  Not leaving out PNS or PIGS as someone once called them.
**(Non-quilters see bottom of post for glossary)

I listed all I had started, and all that I have not started and came up with an impressive list - and when I tidied some more I found another box.........

for details on the Peace Quilt go to www.margaretrolfe.com

It is a Work in Progress.  It Is going to take me a while.  
I have a card with boxes drawn on it. 
And each box represents a Crane.
As you can see...
......Four down Ninety Four to go...

It is going to take a long time,
but if it looks anything like this
It WILL be worth it.

Photos are of the Original Quilt
Taken at the Melbourne Quilt Show
July 2005

**WIP   Work In Progress
     UFO UnFinished Object
     Phd    Project Half Done
     PNS  Project Not Started (Fabric and Pattern bought and still in the bag......)
or PIGS  Projects In Grocery Sacks (see above)


  1. that is going to be a wonderful quilt!!

  2. that is so pretty. Good job.

  3. That is so cool!!! Did you draft the pattern yourself?

  4. No Loretta, I didn't draft it myself. The pattern comes with a full size pattern for both hand and machine Foundation Piecing. As well as a story about the quilt and the paper cranes for peace. If anyone is interested it is listed as available form Logans Patchwork at http://www.patchworkfabrics.com.au

  5. Lovely, Wendy!

    Do you need any Japanese fabrics for that? I've got a bunch of 6" squares you could have if they would be any use.

  6. That quilt sure will look lovely. Oh well, one crane at a time....you'll get there. And won't it be stunning when you do! As for UFOs - after writing up my last list of projects yet to be completed, well I had to go lie down!