August 24, 2011

And it was VERY tasty.....

For all who are not sure what an Australian Fruit Cake looks like...

.....and for all my Friends, who by distance are not able to share in
 a piece with a 'cuppa' 

I was told it was truly delicious. 

Oh Yeah... and it smelt AWESOME.


  1. And from someone who has had a piece of this very cake (thank you, Wendy!), may I say that it was indeed delicious.

  2. It looks wonderful. Is this your usual fruit cake with marzipan and fondant or was there really a celebration of a higher order?

  3. Ahh Pauline - you will need to look back to my August 14, 2011 post for the answer to that question!
    Just a hint - It is titled "...and the Theme of the 21st Birthday was..."