20 August 2011

What DO Cake Decorators Get up to on a Saturday afternoon?

Well, that would be............nothing sensible.

 Actually they decorate anything they want.....

These are "Chupa Chups" lollipops and they were a workshop on how to do a quick decorating demonstration to children.

This is supposed to be a goldfish...and yes I know it is pink and was told it looked more like a Siamese Fighting Fish.

This one was supposed to be a TIGER but seeing that the Fondant was such a beautiful shade of Orange .....
All I "saw" was Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin....
So that is what I made instead.

I will fill you in on WHY we were learning to make these another time.

PS. In case you haven't noticed - I found the special effects in Picnik

[5 Nov. 2011 -  This workshop was to get ideas for demonstrating to the kids at the Whittlesea Show - Due to the unfortunate timing of my fractured ankle I was not able to attend.  Over 550 Chupa Chups were covered and given away over the weekend. ]

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