10 August 2011

This week WOW = "Worn Out Wendy"

Hello all WOW participants.....
I am taking a brief break in the hectic timetable that is preparing for a 21st Birthday Party to see what you all are doing.

Esther has posted a photo of her Daphne in flower - mine has been out for a few weeks now, and for me it is the first sign that the garden is waking up from winter.  It is SUCH a pity that we cannot share the glorious delicate  fragrance that these little flowers impart.

On MY list today, I have to finish THE CAKE.  It should have been done by now but my loving family ALL got the flu and have been home to share it with ME. (Thanks for that - just what I needed.)

The Boys had a quiet family dinner just us and their Grandparents on Monday to mark their birthday and Saturday is the time to "kick up their heels" with friends.

It is going to be a themed party and I have 'snaffled' my Grandfathers Silver Tea Service from  my Mum.  Now all I have to do is...........
Clean it.


  1. Hi Wendy, Oooh! Your Daphne is lovely. I love the way a little sprig can impart a gentle fragrance to a whole room. Beautiful.

    I havent cleaned silver for quite some time, but I think I remember doing the sink - foil- baking soda- boiling water trick and it always worked for me. Then I would just polish off with a cloth that had brasso remnants on it. That was my quickie version.

    Hope you feel better soon, we are just over the flu...argh! it lingers...

  2. Looking forward to some pictures of the cake before it gets eaten!

    Hope all goes well, Wendy, and that you can relax after Saturday.

  3. Beautiful flowers, and hope you have a grand time with the party. Your silver looks like mine I had better get to cleaning mine too.

  4. I too am enjoying my Daphne. Happy days. chrisb