August 26, 2011

The next line on the Instructions said........

Stand Back and Admire your completed Quilt Top!
....and that was it! 
Time for a well deserved celebratory cuppa.

At 88" x 92"  'Under the Australian Sun' will be the largest Quilt I have made.

I am very pleased with the way it went together - It certainly was a quick quilt to make, and provided some very favourable exclamations as family walked by the room.

The large floral print is of Australian Native Flowers mainly the Waratah, with Bottle Brush, and white Flannel Flowers.  It is not a panel but an all over print with the main flower being a spectacular 7" !

If you are interested in the fabrics that I have used - Check them out at you will find the entire range of this fabric in Leesa's shop, Fabric by Culture/Australian.

Now you may ask.... what do I spy under the coffee table? 
... Just the fabric I received in the post for Mahal Magic!  The first quilt in the Culture Club series - First stop INDIA!

(PS: If you 'click' on the photo twice you will get a really good look at the fabric)