August 17, 2011

Oh WOW ...........

That was my first reaction when I saw Leesa Chandler's beautiful 'Under the Australian Sun' range of fabrics
Designed by our own Leesa (she's a Melbourne Girl too), made by Robert Kaufman Fabrics and launched at the Australian Quilt Convention 2010.

I thought I had plenty of time to make this Quilt - BUT NO....Leesa has just launched the first of her Culture Club Series and we will be treated to a new fabric and projects to match every SIX MONTHS as we go on a trip around the world.

First stop is India, the fabrics are also divine. And then I have it on good authority that Australian Sun #2 will be out around Christmas.......  Oh dear.......

Today sees me getting a 'move on' and cutting out this beautiful quilt.

[PS:  The fabric range in the photo has been retired - so if you are thinking about getting some - Pick them up while you can.]


  1. WOW that sounds interesting...I love a suprise! This is going to be fun to do!

  2. Fab Ozzie prints, great great colours. Cheers Glenda

  3. I"m not normally a red person, but love these. Thanks so much for sharing. : )