August 3, 2011

What on Earth am I doing?

It is Wednesday again and I have a kitchen that is covered in .......stuff.

If you thought you could get into a mess when quilting - try cake decorating.

Throw into the mix Sugar paste Icing, (often called RTR or Pettinice).  Flower Glaze, Icing Hardener, Lustre Spray, Cornflour, Icing Colours, cake boards AND a bizarre assortment of tools......and you are almost there.

The Boy's cake is progressing SLOWLY as I have major design elements to work out.
And for this particular cake it all has to be done in situ, so I can't do a lot before the next piece goes on.

I did promise last week that I would give you a teaser if I could so ....


(BTW:- DS#2 has the Flu - the REAL one not just a cold- and has downloaded an app. for his new phone..... What every mother of a sick bloke needs...... A BELL)


  1. Haaaa that is too funny. I do hope that DS #2 is getting better quickly. I am very interested in you photo and what it is.

  2. LOL looks like a leather feather duster LOL. Oh my another hobby. I would eat too much cake if I learned to do that.

  3. Yes, I'm intrigued! :D Sorry you've got real flue around. That's never fun and sometimes downright scary.