October 19, 2011

The Promise of Summer....

.....outside it was a glorious day.  Warm, yet with a cool breeze. Just the kind of day to take a book out on the veranda and do absolutely nothing!
But, sitting outside on a quilt reading about quilting is not doing quilting, so I dragged myself away from starting the next chapter and decided to prepare the backing for my 'Under the Australian Sun' Quilt.

This went well, until I discovered the quilt was 10" wider than my fabric. So, instead of sitting outside, or sewing my backing, I found myself dragging out the leftovers and working out how I could put a pieced panel in the back that was not going to give the quilter nightmares! (Oh yes, I am not going to quilt this beauty myself - it is just too big).

But, being the easily distracted one that I am, I couldn't resist going back outside to investigate what sounded like the faint squeaking of a swing.  
No swings in our back yard, so it could only be the soft chatter of a young Lorikeet.  

I was rewarded by the sight of someone peeking out at me.

And of course, where there is one - there is always another, so look for it's mate as it won't be far away.
It is always good to see the native birds coming back into the suburbs especially so close to the CBD.*  

These guys will come back and may even bring their friends and family too.  Then it won't be such a soft chatter!

*Sorry for 'non locals' -
CBD = Central Business District


  1. Whoa!! I can't imagine having such gorgeous, gorgeous birds in our yard. :)

  2. Wow!!! What amazing colors the birds have. That purple is soooo deep.
    What is a CBD?
    Thanks for grabbing a camera to share the birds with all of us.

    Good luck with your quilt backing,

  3. Just amazing the birds you have there. They are so colorful. Can't wait to see your quilt all quilted it is gorgeous.