October 26, 2011

Wow - Is that Ice cream?.....

This weeks Work in Progress has been what to do with 5kg of Strawberries we brought home on Saturday.  (See last posting) They were sold as 'Jamming' berries - so a small batch of Conserve was on the list, as was some Homemade Strawberry Ice-cream and not forgetting the Lactose intolerant one... Strawberry Sorbet!
The advantage of making your own Ice cream is that you know exactly what ingredients are in it - and are able to adjust the sugar content or use Lactose Free Cream and Milk.

My other project was to work on the backing for my 'Under the Aust. Sun' Quilt.  As I mentioned last week I discovered that I didn't have enough fabric - so it was suggested that a pieced back may add some Pizzazz as well as save some money.
I had enough of the feature fabric to make 3 blocks similar to the ones on the front...with a few tweaks of my own.

All that was required then was to cut off just a 2" strip the full length of the feature fabric.
I always use my RULE STEADY when I cut my fabric. It is a fantastic tool and one I have never regretted buying.  I just wish they would invent one I could use in the kitchen!!!!!

If you are curious check them out at www.keepquilting.com.au

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  1. ......the backing for your quilt is going to be beautiful and your ice cream made me hungry!