January 1, 2013

Christmas Cooking

Life - as they say tends to get in the way, and over Christmas it was oh so true around our place.  I found myself on Christmas Eve with nothing special in the Cookie Jars, a meal to prepare the next day and no time to think about it.
I had done some Gingerbread Cookies for my Nephew and even managed a few 'Stained Glass Window' ones. Thankfully there were some left over to fill a plate for the table.

So when "Silly Season" was launched on the Challenge group - I opened the discussion with 'The Recipes that you are always asked to make at Christmas'.
I always get asked for my Grated Pumpkin and lately "That Chicken thingy that you do" (Clear as mud but I knew what he meant = LOTS of work).

One of our group posted that she was always asked for her Pecan Pie and as I had never been able to make one that didn't end up a sodden mess - I asked for the recipe.

Taking a big deep breath at the sight of a cup of Corn Syrup - an ingredient that I had on hand but do not use in cooking - I followed the recipe.
Success at last! A large pie that will be shared between 12 servings.
So what was I doing wrong? Simply - The Oven wasn't hot enough!

I am looking forward to making it again - but next time I will HALVE the recipe which will allow me the luxury of using Maple Syrup and make some TARTS instead.  And serve them with lashings of King Island Dairy Cream....

Well it is only ONCE a year!


  1. Glad the receipe turned out OK, I saw it also on Scquilters, I love making Lemon Curd tarts for my sewing group. Happy New Year, look foward to another year of Blog reading. Annette

  2. This is probably a question of the English language being different in Australia and in the US. But -- What do you use Corn Syrup for if not in cooking? Pecan pie the is only reason I have ever purchased Corn Syrup.
    Flossie, Huntsville, Alabama, USA

    1. Hi Flossy,
      Thanks for your comment/question -
      The last time I used Corn Syrup was to make STAGE BLOOD for DS#2s movie assignment.