January 31, 2013

The Party's Over....

I have been a wee bit quiet lately and that is due partly to the fact that I needed to get the house and garden ready for our DD's Engagement Party.
There was plenty to do in the Back Garden.
DS#2 came out of his computer and up the trees - pruning saw in hand to open up the canopy and let some light onto the struggling plants underneath.
DD helped with the weeding, while DH swept and shredded and shifted 'stuff' that was way overdue for a trip to the tip -
When it was finished the garden looked a treat and ready for anything! (Considering it is still recovering from years of drought and water restrictions.)

- And, I got a LOT of maintenance done too.  ;-)

The Party was a hit and the next day I woke to 60 Helium Balloons hanging beautifully in the back room - looking somewhat like a giant Galileo's Thermometer.

And to try and work out what to do with the left over food - some of our guests didn't understand that "Bring a Plate" meant just that - to bring one plate of finger food to share.  So I ended up with enough food for THREE times the number of invited guests!

Then there was the traditional after party task of turning that beautiful fruit that had been the base of my Grandmother's Punch recipe......



  1. Yum, I would love to taste that marmalade.
    Please share more photo's of your garden, after all that work it must be a treat.

  2. Hi Wendy, it was three tries and about to give up to get through that security field.

    1. Sorry about that Jenny (and anyone else who is trying to post comments). I have been having a spot of bother with SPAM comments lately.