February 2, 2013

Today is brought to you by the letter....

Today's Scatterdays letter sent me off into the garden and the depths of the back of the pantry to find samples of this quaint and quirky letter.  So for my offering today I have found...

Q is for QUERCUS or more commonly known as The OAK tree.  
My DD collected these Acorns some years ago with the thought that she may like to grow them as part of her Bonsai collection. Unfortunately they didn't germinate, but I must admit I am a little relieved - I am not sure that I really wanted an Oak forest on the back veranda!

Q is for QUINCE researching the humble Quince - a fruit that is relegated to most people's childhood memories of Grandma's house - led me to finding out that it is packed full of Vitamins and boasts many health benefits.  But who can resist those glorious golden pots of Quince Jelly that adorn the tables of Country Church Fetes and to enjoy Quince paste with Cheese and crackers.

Q is for Something QUICK.  I am a member of the Janome 6500 Challenge group, and our November challenge is a very Quick one - POSTCARDS! - Fabric Postcards are very quick to make.
We made our cards and then posted them to our swap partners (some went 'naked' through the post). These gorgeous cards are some that I have received in return.
Last year, I won the 'quickest card' - Melbourne to Canada in 3 days!

and I kept this one for last.....

Q is for QUININE.  What? I hear you mutter!! Surely Quinine should be listed in the "Healthy" category!
Yes.. It is good for you, It is the chemical that cures Malaria, found in the bark of the Cinchona tree.
BUT - It also has a fun property that shows up at night time - when you shine a UV light on it....


For this photo I delved into my Blog archives and reposted a photo from my Boys' 21st Birthday Party.

Quinine - the bitter ingredient in Bitter Lemon - glows BLUE under UV light.
How cool is that!


  1. Fantastic, Wendy! I like that you have two of the same items as me, but have each of them under different categories, and I love your glowing quinine.

  2. How interesting is that quinine by night! Great fun. Thank you. Oak trees are my favourite exotica and your acorns are wonderful.

  3. I love your postings of Q, especially the quinine story and photo. I went for a walk in the Treasury gardens on Thursday, saw a couple of oak trees, it won't be long before they change colour and drop their leaves for Autumn.

  4. Thanks for the information on quinine. That's one I'll have to bedazzle the grandies with. I have two oak trees - unfortunately not Bonsai. DH always worries that they will fall on the house one day.

  5. I also chose quinine, and put it in the Healthy category - but WHO KNEW that it glowed in the dark? I have learned a new party trick today!!!