February 16, 2013

Today is brought to you by the letter....

Another Three Tantalising or should that be Traumatising subjects for our Scatterday post today.

So what did I find for my T Categories?

T is for - 
anything from TASMANIA is very TASTY

These beautiful Ports and Meads came from the Hartzview Vineyard in Tasmania.

T is for Thumbelina  - from The Danny Kaye Musical "Hans Christian Anderson"
This little Thumbelina has stood steadfast with her Groom for over 80 years - Very faded now they adorned my Grand parents' wedding cake.

T is for Touring.. 
Twenty days with Three Teens all on L Plates!
I was terrified - they had a ball!

T is for Trylko Thread -  
Delving into the box marked Sewing Thread brought another "Blast from the Past". What I don't know is WHY I have so many reels of Green & Gold cotton!


  1. Nice T collection!

    I would hate to drive with teenage L-platers. Fortunately my son did all his learning with his father (and he wasn't a teenager, but in his mid-twenties by then).

  2. I have to agree that the port and mead would be very tasty indeed. Very brave of you to travel with 3 learners.

  3. What a gorgeous memento of your grandparents wedding day.
    Perhaps all the green and gold thread for your patriotic days?

  4. How lovely to have the decorations from your grand-parents wedding cake!

  5. have to agree teens on L plates.
    love the others as well.

  6. I also agree teaching teenagers to drive is terrifying. Love your other Ts.

  7. Love your photos, the memento from your Grandparents is a treasure.

  8. Green and gold prove your patriotism I guess!!
    Love that Thumbelina and have always wanted to try mead.
    Great collection of teens but I can imagine the terror....glad you all made it. Lovely T week.

  9. Understand your terror. I was always the one to drive with my learners. DH would have freaked out. Love your little Thumbelina.