March 2, 2013

I - What can I find today?

MONEY:  ITL - Italian Lira

- I knew that somewhere in the bottom of my meagre coin collection was an Italian 20 Lira Coin... still not worth much apart from Show & Tell.

TOOLS:  Icing Nozzles

The Tools of the Trade for anyone who works with ICING - 
Piping Nozzles and Shaping tools are an Integral part of any Cake Decorators Kit.

METAL: Iridium
DD is doing a Phd and works with Iridium Complexes. Iridium is “A very hard, brittle, silvery-white transition metal of the platinum family, iridium is the second-densest element (after osmium) and the most corrosion-resistant metal.”
It also GLOWS…!

Now this was one I had to research..  I am sure that with enough Inclination and   Incentive, I could be Induced to Investigate the Intriguing Incidence of Itty-Bitty Inchies.

So there you have it - My Scatterday post for today - brought to you by the letter I.


  1. Aha! Icing tools! Perfect for you.

    I don't think any thing could make me want to get into Inchies, but I admire your sentence about them.

  2. Good choices here Wendy. This one was a tad hard wasn't it? So far everyone has found something.

  3. Hi Wendy!
    Iridium deserves the gold star! I love the way you show its glow. Can't wait for 'C' to have the floor and see some of your decorated works!

  4. Love your glowing metal. Would love to see some photos of your cake decorating. Look forward to the next round of your "D's".

  5. Wow - you've found some very interesting Is! Iridium is MUCH prettier than iron! And let's see some of your cakes, please?

  6. Good choices and interesting post. Well done!

  7. Great post on inchies and another who came up with iridium.

  8. Very different I's. Well done.

  9. Like your I collection. I now know a lot more about iridium.

  10. Iridium is almost too brain stretching for moi
    Very well collected.

  11. Icing nozzles..if you hadn't labeled them I wouldn't have guessed that is what they are/were. Enjoyed your post/