April 25, 2013

More Flowers

This week I have been concentrating on making the rest of the flowers for Dad's 90th Birthday cake.  Whereas Dad loves his Roses - I thought they looked a little too feminine for his cake, so have decided some Australian Native Flowers would be suitable, so I made some...

Wattle - The National Flower of Australia - and just beginning to blossom at the moment.  It is a very fragrant flower and you will always smell its unmistakable scent before seeing the small puffballs of Golden Yellow blooms.

Flannel Flowers - Grow in the sandstone areas around Sydney.  I loved the look of these flowers so  had to include some in Dad's bouquet.

Pink Heath - Floral Emblem of Victoria (my home State).  
They didn't come out exactly true to the flower, but I don't think Dad will mind.
It is also the smallest flower that I have made!

I made as many blooms as I could in the time I had and then wired them all into a spray with the Waratah I made last week.

Yep... I think that will do.  
Now all I have to do is make a cake to put underneath it!


Now, just before I sign off for this week - I just HAVE to share a couple more photos.  
My WIP is not the only craft being constructed in our household at the moment.
DS#2 is making a costume for the upcoming CGBC at Monash Uni. which involves a lot of foam and hot glue....
which Spike decided looked tasty......


  1. WOW! That spray of flowers looks wonderful!

  2. Oh my work those flowers are spectacular you are good girl. I coul NEVER do that. Very artistic.. Your Dad will love them I am sure.