May 25, 2013

Skaterday - M

M - is today's letter and the Categories are .....
SPORT - March 2006
Melbourne Commonwealth Games held many events - we went on the day that they ran the Marathon to cheer on ... well anyone that ran past us actually (especially the Aussies).

FOREIGN  - January 2010 my DS#1 took off on a tour of the Middle East with his Church while he was in Syria he visited the ruins of Masyaf Castle, (much to the envy of his brother who was, at the time playing the Computer Game Assassin's Creed which was set in this very Castle).

Port Lincoln National Park early December 2008, DD on L Plates. She learnt the value of quick reflexes and good brakes when she rounded a bend to find this Majestic Lace Monitor Lizard asleep in the middle of the road.
(He doesn't look so big in this photo - but was at least 5 foot long!)

I think Diamond Dust by Phillipa Naylor (Contemporary 1st place Festival of Quilts UK 2004.) Looks modern to me!
I photographed it at the AQC in Melbourne April 2012
(It depicts an Amish Quilt that is blowing in the wind on a line, it has been raining and the raindrops are sparkling in the sunshine).
This photo is a close up of the myriad of miniscule sequins that adorn this quilt.
(and some pretty awesome quilting too!)

Well that's it from me this week - come back again next time to see what I can find for the letter X ! 


  1. The Commonwealth Games were great! I worked at a couple of the venues, which was fun. It just seemed like everyone in Melbourne was happy while the Games were on.

  2. Very good. I love the Masyaf Castle, and the story that goes with it.
    That's a lovely quilt, one of those ones that make you wonder "how did she do it?".

  3. great 'M's love the quilt and the Monitor Lizard. Dreaded X next time.

  4. Great ideas for M. I also worked at the Commonwealth Games, my supervising position allowed me to meet many different dignitaries.
    Syria, that is one place I have never thought to visit. Looking forward to your X's.

  5. The detail shows a different thing entirely on the quilt. Isn't it amazing