August 17, 2013

Scatterdays - H

I am quite sure that H really should stand for ...
HOW the HECK did Scatterdays come around so Quickly?

But today's letter the HUMBLE H - has the honour of hosting the following categories:-
H - Sticky. My post this week is a bit late and it is due to this Heavenly Sticky mess! - It doesn't look much here but it is in fact a double quantity of my Homemade Wedding Cake mix.
I am very HAPPY that the cake is finally in the oven which is Humming away and filling the House with the fragrance of warm spices and baking.

For those who would like to see what this mix looks like once it is cooked you can  Click here to 'share a cuppa tea and a piece of cake'!

H - Wearable. 
Ok - this is my HAT and I am pleased to say it is STILL WEARABLE after it's trip to the US (on my head) and back again (shoved in the suitcase).

I actually had it made for me, years ago by a Millinery Company that sold to the public.  We have been through a lot together so it was only fair that I took it along with me.

H - Breakfast. 
Ahh - Brekkie! Those of you who have visited my other blog
(Myrtle & Me) will know that I prefer my Poached Eggs for Breakfast with a light coating of HOLLANDAISE Sauce.

H - Hiding Place. 
When I saw this category my mind went straight to a book I was given as a Sunday School Prize.
It is the Story of Corrie ten Boom a watchmaker from Haarlem, Sth. Holland who found herself working with the underground during WW2 and the Hiding Place they made in their shop.

I think I will read it again before it goes back to it's Hiding Place in the bookshelf.

Scatterdays will be back on the 31st August - with the letter E.


  1. I know from experience the cake will be yummy - and I'm sure it will be beautiful, too.

    I remember reading "The Hiding Place" many years ago, too.

  2. Xmas cake...I'm your slave just for a piec of Xmas cake. We now bake ours in small muffin tins as that restricts the individual portion size :) and hopefully waist size too
    Love your hat too. It looks so classy. I would never have guessed it had been scrunched into a bag

  3. I love a good old fashioned fruit cake for a Wedding cake, but they are so different these days. Love the hat, bet it has many tales to tell of your travels.

  4. Great hat....your travelling companion will always find you. It is fantastic for having been squashed. I'm fond of the poached egg and smear of Hollandaise as well.