January 10, 2014

Making Progress

I can barely credit it has been over a week since I uploaded my last post and looking back I didn't have much to show for a Wedding cake that was required in just 2 weeks.

I am pleased to say that the flower sprays are finished and the Cake Dummies have their first undercoat of icing .  I have no idea if you are supposed to do two layers for these dummy cakes or just one thick one - but I prefer to err on the side of treating them as if they were REAL cakes.
(I still have to bake the actual cakes - a small problem as the Bride wants chocolate and they can't be made in advance like fruit cakes.)

As far as the flowers were concerned - I was given the list from the florist who is making the bouquets and left to work out what "Seasonal flowers which MAY include ..." actually meant.
I have gone with posies that include Alstroemeria, Blushing Bride Protea, Billy Buttons, Blue Gum, Gypsophila, Berries and Gumnuts. And if the bride arrives with a bouquet made of all the flowers on the list that I didn't use ...
I think it will still work - it is a Country Wedding.
(Now is not the time to try and learn how to make Spider Chrysanthemums!)

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  1. Oh wow, that doesn't make it easy if you don't know precisely what flowers the bouquets will be! You're doing a fabulous job as always though. I love the colours and arrangement!