22 January 2014

Another Wedding - A Perfect Day ???

17th January 2014
Temperature 46 deg Celsius (that's 114.8 F) 
The suit alterations had not been done ... 
And "all we had to do" - 

was to get him to the Church on time! 

The Bridal Party sat when they didn't have to stand
and Iced water was handed out with the Order of Service ...

The Groom had his own "Fan Club"

(not content to just sit and fan themselves my gorgeous Great Nephews decided everyone else needed cooling too.)

... now Husband and Wife.

Parents of the Bride - seem happy with the proceedings
(they don't know about the suits).

Then outside into the heat ...

Where we all scurried into the Sunday School Hall to try and cool down.

And the Best Man found he had other duties,
doing his best to keep the Maid of Honour cool.

The photographers decided to "work with what they had" and do some shots in the hall.

So Very Formal
But fitting to their "Retro" Theme

and not so formal
a bit more relaxed
Our Bridal Party.

Then On to the Reception where - - -

The Cake was cut...

The meal enjoyed
(especially Dessert)

They Danced ...
and danced some more...

Then time to say "Goodnight"

and Drive off into the "Happily Ever After"

Thank you for sharing their day.


  1. What beautiful photos! What a lovely happy looking wedding! Pleased that you all survived the heat and had a good time. Best wishes to the happy couple for many happy years together.

  2. Beautiful! :D It looks like their wedding was everything the happy couple could have hoped for - regardless of the somewhat extreme heat!
    Congratulations to them!

  3. I've been to a wedding in similar weather, not fun!! But everyone looks goregous! Congratulations.