March 18, 2014

Have I lost my Mind?

The minute I saw it I just HAD to have it!

It is the Quilt design I have had on my Wish List for a very long time.
It is the PERFECT design for my DS#2.
I knew exactly what colours to choose to achieve the 'look' I want.

But I had to wait ....
.... wait for the ladies from the NSLQS to learn how to make it - so they can guide me on my way.

I have chosen my fabrics - many are from the beautiful Stonehenge Range by Northcott Fabrics.

Last Wednesday I started what is to be a Technique of the Month and received my first installment of fabric and pattern instructions.

OK - so I have to confess - FUSSY CUTTING the first pieces of this quilt was NOT in the instructions, but when you choose a fabric that cries out for it - you just have to give in.

Curious yet?

Have I lost my mind? 
Maybe I need a COMPASS to help me find it!

Judy Niemeyer's 
Mariner's Compass
One single Compass 69"x 69"

Part One finished.
Looking forward to Part Two.


  1. Beautiful fabrics! Can't wait to see your compass grow

  2. Yes plenty curious and no you haven't lost your mind, sometimes a quilt or fabric demands our attention! It's looking lovely so far, can't wait to see more