May 7, 2015

Bali Wedding Star - The End

... or just the beginning?

Recently I had the pleasure of presenting my DD and her DH with their Wedding Gift.

DD doesn't read my Blog and so these photos are the first time she has seen her Quilt!

So here it is - our first look after waiting so patiently for so long....

But what exactly has taken their interest?

It would appear that Artemis has raised the bar from plain Quilters Cat in waiting to Quilt Police!

I can tell you this -
She is on a Wild Goose Chase!

Hey Mum.....

Is this when we start to sing "Toss the Cat" ?

Maybe the Quilting needs a closer look ....

Nope - 's all Good
It has passed MY inspection

You can put it on the bed now....

I am so glad that THE CAT approved!

(for the record - DD & DSIL loved it too)

And I get to finally see it on their bed.

(My thanks to Fi for taking the photos so I could enjoy the moment - without being behind the camera.)


  1. Beautiful! And how wonderful to see it on the bed after all your hard work.

  2. What a blessing this is, to make a wedding quilt for your DD and her husband and such a beautiful one too, it's gorgeous. I love the fabric you chose here, it shines. How nice to know that your work is being used and loved. Beautiful.

  3. You're very welcome Wendy. I was honoured to take the photos and share in this special moment! :D

    I've loved watching your progress on this quilt and to see it in its full glory is just beyond words.