March 13, 2017

Even more Frayed . . .

It is the Labour Day Long Weekend - a time for families to get together and enjoy the beautiful weather Melbourne has put on for our MOOMBA Festival.

It is also the ideal time to get those overdue jobs done around the house - or in our case around our Daughter's house.

Time to tame this - yes that IS our SIL's car under the mess !

And while we were working out just how to do that we heard a stomach churning crunch....

OUCH! - 

Now "My Girl" may not look to "flash" to some, she is after all approaching her 20th birthday and has a few issues - like no working air-conditioning, but we have been on many adventures together and she still has a strong heart and I will be so sad to see her retired when the time comes. 
(Station Wagons are hard to come by.)

But you know the old saying "Yeah but you should have seen the other guy...."

THIS is "the other Guy" and THIS is what hurt... He asked me not to go through my insurance company because his excess was $1500. 

Making matters worse, his was a new car with rear reversing sensors and a reversing camera and he STILL hit me!

As I pointed out to the driver's employer - Yes, this is my car and I am disappointed and inconvenienced - but it could have been a child!

I saw his face blanch when he realised it could have been HIS child!
Warning lights and sirens are there for a reason people! - don't ignore them!!

* * * * *
As far as his insurance excess is concerned that is not my problem but keeping good neighbour relations between our DD and her neighbours - that IS my concern. So, I will be getting a quote for repairs and giving them the option of paying the bill or gong through the Insurance company.

In the meantime - I have to remember to wind the window down before getting out of the car - to give me more room to squeeze out my door! 


  1. That's not how you are meant to spend a long weekend!

    Hope it can all be fixed without too much expense or hassle.

  2. Geez! He had reverse parking sensors and still hit you?! I was glad to know it wasn't as big a hit as it sounded when I was first told about it.