11 March 2017

A bit Frayed at the edges

Sometimes my Allietare Quilt is a welcome distraction and other times it just reminds me of exactly how I feel at the moment -

- A little frayed at the edges but getting there!

There are so many pieces in this quilt I can't help but notice how it mirrors my wall-planer.
Each family member has a highlighter colour and each item/appointment/event is coloured to remind me of what is going on so I don't forget anything.

Eventually everything will turn out right, eventually all appointments will be kept and eventually this pile of frayed fabric will become a Quilt that will keep one or two of them warm.

A symbol of love and care.

When I looked at this quilt I realised that no matter how many of these loose threads I try and tidy there will be some that will continue to unravel.

You decide to keep going
throw it over the table -

Crawl under there to see what the cat was up to and get to see something wonderful.

Stained Glass Allietare!
Truly "To delight - To Gladden"


  1. Love the stained glass effect! It's a beautiful quilt. It looks like you almost have it together?

  2. Wow. It was worth checking what the cat was up to in order to discover this beautiful view!