13 March 2017

Valuable Lesson learnt . . .

Part of the Long Weekend clean up was to check the Hive.

It is necessary see what "the Girls" are  up to now and then...

Good to see they are filling up the Flow Hive

The Summer blossoms have been late this year and now the Brood boxes are over full.

The Girls are rather put out that someone is poking around and ...
that someone also made the mistake of using hairspray this morning.
Being angry and also attracted to the smell of the hairspray they managed to get inside my veil and

I got stung!
OUCH is a bit of an understatement.

I've heard that some folk use Bee Venom for cosmetic purposes but I don't recommend doing it this way.
This one was in my eyelid.

I look and feel like I have been in a fight add to that the damage to my car it has been quite the weekend.


  1. Lucky only one got in, but an eyelid must be a very painful place to be stung! My worst experience was eight stings when I didn't quite do up the zip properly. The nose was the most painful of mine. Once one stings, it attracts others to the spot, so you get more and more angry bees attacking you everywhere.

  2. Ouch!! Of all the places to get stung, that would have to be among the worst.

    My last bee sting was in the forehead and it occurred to me that people pay for such 'collagen' treatments, but I honestly don't know why. I can't say it was enjoyable, and I dare say that your eyelid isn't where you would pick to have such a treatment either!