2 July 2014


Anyone who has ever gone beyond this page of my blog and wandered around the static pages would have read the story entitled "A Quilt with No Name".  

April 22nd, 2010 was the defining moment in this quilt's design. 
It was the day our world 'hit a brick wall' and shattered, irreparably - forever.

I felt this quilt had a powerful message to tell 
- so I entered in it Quilt Showcase.

It is dedicated in Memory of my Nephew Mark (26)
and to every family who have lost loved ones
as the result of a workplace accident.


  1. I had read about the making of this quilt before, but it was very moving to see it in person at the show.

  2. Wendy i have just read your story of a quilt with no name and am so moved by it.
    Shattered shows and tells the story perfectly and is an amazing tribute to your nephew.
    thanks for sharing, Hugs Jenny