14 September 2015

Has anyone seen my Mojo?

I haven't posted for a bit as I seem to have lost my 'Mojo".

I have looked for it everywhere - 
I tidied up my sewing room in the hopes it had been left under the pile of 
"not the right shade of Green" fabric. 

But alas - it was not there!

I searched for it in fabric stores near and far - 

which included consuming a fair amount of coffee in the process....
But it was not there.

And then - 
when I least expected it

Who'd a thought you can buy it in bottles?
... and it comes in GREEN!

* * * * * * *

Tempting as it was, I didn't buy any - but the wholehearted laugh I got, did me the world of good, and I am back in my sewing room and anxious to get moving on my next project.


  1. Love this. Sometimes I wander around from one project to another not able to get into any one of them. I guess I have too many things in the go sometimes, so visiting other quilters on line fills the time and gets me wanting to start even more new projects. What exactly is in that green mojo bottle?

  2. Yep, me too. Hoping that cool Autumn weather here in the US will kick-start my Mojo.

  3. Fabulous Wendy, wonder if it is available in NZ.

  4. I also have a pile of not the right shade of green fabric. When I can't find my Mojo, sometimes I actually just sit in my chair and do NOTHING! That is such a wonderful feeling and we shouldn't feel guilty for not always working on a project. Thanks for sharing.