12 October 2015

When I'm not quilting .. or blogging ...

I am helping my DD and her BF-Fi with their Gardens.

Establishing a new garden from scratch has it's challenges - and in this case removing the rather thick waste concrete from the new drive and paths that was dumped on the front lawn space.

Then of course the 'native vegetation' aka WEEDS needed to be dug out before soil could be delivered and shifted into the newly formed garden beds.

(Sorry - no photos of the 8 meters of garden soil, it was an impressive pile of dirt!)

Once we had totally exhausted ourselves at BF-Fi's place it was around the corner to the DD's where a little maintenance was needed in her garden.

...um Where did I put my mower?

Just as well I bought myself a 'new toy' and DS#2 was more than happy to play with it.
This is what we are up against when you build on what was a cattle/dairy farm ... it is beautiful, lush and a darn shame to be hacking it down.

Out the back was no better and the Veggie garden was inaccessible by all but the brave -

Even Artemis the Huntress wasn't game enough to venture too far into the jungle...

So more hacking,
and mowing later we were finally able to find ....

The BBQ!

and one of the most appreciated members of the working Bee

- The Chef!

Is it all worth it?

Of course it is!

especially when you can delight in the sight of a beautiful crop of Heritage Broad Beans, grown from seed and pollinated by your own Bees.

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  1. Oh wow! I had completely failed to notice you taking so many photos throughout the weekend. It's so great to see what we started with and compare it to the end result - so much achieved!! :)

    Did you ever get to smell your DD's broadbean flowers? I found that if you were close enough, they had a beautiful scent. It's so subtle that you would miss it if you didn't get in close to sniff them. Heavenly.