31 December 2015

2015 - The Year that was ...

Bali Wedding Star Quilt is finished
- well the top anyway and SO happy to hand it over to Desley 
to turn into a masterpiece!

Not content to just make ONE Judy Niemeyer Quilt,
I continued to send myself batty working on the large Mariner's Compass
 for my DS#2 

I got sidetracked and started Esther Aliu's 2015 BOM "Oma's Blues"
but true to form I could resist tweaking the pattern and promptly renamed it
"Esther's Oma lives in Leesa's Dutch Cottage"
(a reference to the 2 Melbourne based designers -
Pattern by Esther Aliu and Fabric by Leesa Chandler)

White Glove Duty at the Australian Quilt Convention
in the most beautiful venue ever -
The Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton

Looking back May was busy... 
Cake Decorating meetings, finishing some UFO's
 handing over the DD's Wedding Quilt, 
and the much anticipated arrival of Tamsin Harvey's book
'Constantinople Quilts'
NOW I can start DS#1's Wedding Quilt!

I dusted off my Brother Scan 'n Cut and started preparing the applique for 
DS#1's Quilt 'Istanbul'
and hoping to have it finished by their next Wedding Anniversary...

Mariner's Compass is finally finished and entered in Quilt Showcase.

White Glove duty gave me the opportunity to talk to some top quilters about the issues I was having with my 'Istanbul' Applique Quilt - their advice was invaluable!

 Road trips were the order of the day for August 
with trips to the Yarra Valley and Phillip Island

Not much happened as my MOJO went missing 
in the search for the perfect shade of Green

Finally able to make a start on 'Istanbul' for DS & DDIL
and some serious gardening at the DD's place

Poppies for Remembrance at the Whittlesea Show,
More Applique on Istanbul 
Getting up close with with 'The Girls'
an awesome experience helping with DD's first Honey harvest.

I can't credit that I haven't posted anything this December, 
I am sure I must have been busy seeing it was Christmas
So here is my December post!

December was Hot - Very Hot
(Today's top 40c - that's 104F)

I had to wait for a cool change so I could bake the Mince Pies
-Trying a new recipe -

Made some Lactose Free Coffee Ice cream

Then of course there was Christmas with family and friends ...

Bushfires in The Otway Ranges - 
Where the Mountains meet the Sea are keeping our CFA Firefighters busy..
and as the headlines predicted...

Finally, there is one thing that was NOT on the 'to do' list...

The Family "Christmas Curse" has struck again!
This time it was my turn with a serious steam scald on my wrist.

So that is it for December 2015
but I'll just leave you with a photo of something
 I 'snapped' in the Supermarket today...

Yes - I kid you not
Hot Cross Buns!

* * *
Thanks for visiting my corner of the World
See you in 2016


  1. Hot cross buns in December! The world has gone mad.

    What a productive year. Hope your wrist heals up quickly! All the best for 2016.

  2. Hot Cross buns are for Easter even here in Canada!!
    I was at the AQC in April. Met Di Ford and Linda Collins and Jinny Beyer but, alas, I forgot to take pictures even thought I had my camera with me. sigh.